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We just started CIRCUS, so we are more then far from beeing a Foundation. But our Goal is from the very first sell of our Product’s, to support the World of Circus.


So we descidet to collect from each Product sold, 1 CHF wich we will spend, on a first step to Circus-Schools. We know from several Circus-Schools, that some parents dont have the money to support theire kids passion of Circus.

So there is where our CIRCUS-«Foundation» will start, and support Kids, wich have the Dream to become Circus Artists.


Later on, we wouldlike also to support already existed Foundation like:

  • Clowns without Borders International

  • Fondation Theodora

  • Viktor Kee Foundation


If you like the idea of our Concept, it is also possible to donate money directly, wich will help a lot of course.


And for each Donation started from 200 CHF, CIRCUS will send you a very special Surprise Gift, wich cant be purchased in the Onlineshop or elsewhere.

Also there will be the Foundation Letter, always at the end of year, so you know excatly where your money was spend, and who you helpet out.

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