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CIRCUS is a Swiss-clothing-brand, wich was created to unite all kind of Circus people around the world. (Wich also includes the technician, Costume-Designer, Directors and of course all the Circus-lovers.)


We wanted to have finally a brand wich represent the passion about Circus. A Brand we can identyfy ourselves with.

By Circus people, for Circus people.


Circus needs a stronger bond between each other, and it schouldnt be this concurrencefight. We want to unit all Circus people, so our brand is in no concurrence with any circus. This is why you can wear our brand in every Circus whitout doing publicity for a other Circus, wich is not always nice seen.


Here in Switzerland one Circus is closing after an other. Just this year, after 158 years we need to say good bye to an old Tradition Swiss Circus. So we discidet to donate 1 CHF of each product sold, to support the Circus World. More information under Foundation.

Because in the Circus-Shows, the audience can forget for one moment the stress and problems of every day.

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