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It was at the age of six months that Christopher D. Gasser caught the virus of the scene. Under the benevolent influence of his parents, directors of Cirque Starlight, he made his early career in Circus. His love for the stage is multiform; a clown, an actor, an author and a director, he shows a boundless passion and an overflowing humanity.


After having participated in several shows all over the world, Christopher wanted to explore the theatrical practice further, with the help of the very prestigious formation at the International School of Theater Jacques Lecoq in Paris, from which he graduated in 2016.


Christopher D. Gasser has developed an art where the comic is the expression of a deep sensibility, scenic, and human. It is this closeness to his audience that allows him today to offer complete courses, bringing together the arts of circus and theater, through mime and body language.

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